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News: GW Newsletter - Terrain

Hello all, Slick here. GW's latest newsletter is out and this time it's all about terrain. Excellent terrain makes any battle just that much better. Check out the various links for terrain building ideas!

The Games Workshop Newsletter 24.08.2010
In this issue: The unsung hero of gaming.

Terrain: it’s worth fighting over.

There's no greater sight than two gloriously painted armies of miniatures deployed for battle. Or is there? How about two gloriously painted armies ready to wage war across a detailed and equally glorious gameboard? No matter what game you play, you'll have a far better experience with some great terrain to fight over. The new edition of Warhammer lists dozens of special terrain features that practically demand you use exciting terrain in your games. In games of Warhammer 40,000 Planetstrike terrain is a vital part of a defenders arsenal. While games of The Lord of the Rings are far more dramatic if you've created a part of Middle-earth to fight over. This week on we'll be celebrating the marvel of scenery and you're invited to join us.

A Scenery Blog
A Scenery Blog

Along with our regular host of Astronomican articles, you'll find a daily offering of scenery tips and examples of terrain pieces in the 'What's New Today' posts, and there's even a chance for you to win your very own Realm of Battle Gameboard.

Warhammer Terrain Warhammer Terrain

From hills, woods and buildings to walls, fences and mighty fortresses, the 'Warhammer Scenery' section has everything you need to model the special terrain features listed in the Warhammer rulebook, and create your ideal Warhammer battlefield. The only hard part is in deciding which piece of terrain to make first!

Warhammer 40,000 Battlefields Warhammer 40,000 Battlefields

The 'Warhammer 40,000 Scenery' section contains our most extensive range of scenery. Whether you want to create a war-torn hive, an embattled outpost or a crater strewn wasteland you really are spoilt for choice. What's more, many of the sets are completely modular and can be combined with any of the other sets to create a truly unique piece of terrain.

The Lord of the Rings Scenery The Lord of the Rings Scenery

In 'The Lord of the Rings Scenery' section you'll find everything you need to recreate the battlefields of Middle-earth. The Citadel Woods are perfect for representing Fangorn or Lothlorien Forest, while The Lord of the Rings Terrain Pack and The Ruins of Osgiliath sets allow you to create a realm worthy of the Kings of Men.

Everything Else Everything Else

The 'Hobby Supplies' section of is packed full of glue, basing materials and more. So whether you're assembling some scenery straight from the box or adding your own personal touch to it, follow the link above for all the supplies and inspiration you'll need.

Game with Scenery Game with Scenery

There are dozens of great terrain articles to be found on This one is a great introduction to all things scenic and includes examples of different types of terrain, ways to set up your battlefield and even several scenarios for you to use your new terrain with. No matter what game you play there's something in this article for you.

Paint and Texture Your Scenery Paint and Texture Your Scenery

This article was originally written to demonstrate the many ways that you can paint and texture your Realm of Battle Gameboard but the techniques covered are equally useful for any piece of terrain. Learn to paint desert, ash waste and grassland terrain with the help of this scenery article.

The Great Gameboard Giveaway The Great Gameboard Giveaway

To celebrate all things scenery we've a fully painted and textured Realm of Battle Gameboard to give away to one lucky winner. All you have to do is send us a picture of a piece of terrain that you've made and painted. Follow the link above for more information and full terms and conditions.

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