Sunday, August 22, 2010

News: Mantic Newsletter

Hello all, Chris here. The latest Mantic newsletter is out and there are more Dwarfs on the way: Berserkers and Iron Guard! Dwarf players will rejoice at having an affordable option for Ironbreakers.

Mantic Games Newsletter
The War Counsel and Berserkers are now available for pre-order.

All the Dwarf plastic pre-orders are now in the post and shipping, so if you ordered a warhost or an army deal keep watching that letter box. The Dwarf Warhost contains 20 Warriors, 20 missile troops armed with rifles or crossbows and 2 Ironbelcher Dwarf warmachines – click here for a peak.

For all those who were lucky enough to order a Grafe's Steel Legion they will soon be receiving a whole army of tough Dwarf warriors, with heroes, troops and war-machines.

The set also included a pre-release of the amazing new metal Dwarf Berserkers and the Dwarf High King's Counsel; containing four metal heroes - a Dwarf King, an Army Standard Bearer, a Warsmith and a Berserker Lord. The Berserkers and The Dwarf King's War Council are available for pre-order and will be shipping from the 24th September 2010.

These units are now available to pre-order - and we think they're so nice it won't just be Dwarf general's who are buying them!

Click here to see all the latest dwarf range.

New Products Available!

We've added 2 new products to the Dwarf range. We are releasing a Berserker troop box, which is up for pre-order, and an Ironguard troop box, which is on sale now. These sets are perfect for fleshing out the ranks of your elite units with gorgeous models, adding a rank of 5 troops to go with the command sets currently available.

Gallery Update

We here at Mantic are in the process of updating our Galleries on the website.
We have had some brilliant submissions sent to us, such as these:

To see the rest of the fantastic images we have been sent just take a look at our gallery.

If anyone has any more pictures of our miniatures that you have painted up we would love to see them, and we will find a great home for them in the Gallery.

King of War Game Update

The Kings of War rules are going through some final edits and we will be releasing the beta rules via the newsletter soon!

To get the information to download the rules for the limited and exclusive public beta you need to be signed up to this newsletter. Now I know you are all sitting happily, secure in the knowledge you'll be on the beat – but what about your friends, the members of your local club, or games store? They will be out in the cold -upset, abandoned - so spread the word – forward this message and get your friends to sign-up as well. They will love you forever, and they might even win a white Dwarf army!

Click here to sign up.

Open Day

We have heard a rumour that certain fans intend to lay siege to Mantic Towers. To prevent such a drastic course of action we have decided to throw open our doors and welcome you all in!

We will be holding an Open Day on the 9th of October. The day is shaping up to be an extravaganza you don't want to miss! Not only will you get the chance to meet the Mantic team and ask us any questions you have, there will be a number of “celebrity” guests, picking plastic by the sprue, a pick your own metal chance, and a goodie bag of swag to take home with you. If you are very lucky you may even get some sneak peaks at upcoming projects.......

Gencon update

We saw our very first Mantic customer ever at Gencon last week, and many other who remembered us on a stall last year with just a plastic elf scout sprue!

This year we were there with 3 armies (well we were, until all our stock was bought up!) and it was really great to catch up and spread the word. Hit the blog to see the full report and how Ronnie tried to go down the 'up escalator' – in spite of repeated warnings from Jim Kitchen!

Approaching web order 1500!

Our webstore is still exceeding our expectations, we are fast approaching the next milestone – our 1500th order. Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who has ordered from us! To commemorate reaching this target we are offering a special deal. Whoever makes the 1500th order will receive credit to the value of their order, so one lucky person will get double the number of figures they were expecting!
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