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News: GW Newsletter - Something For Everyone

Hello all, Slick here. GW sent out another newsletter today (Sunday) which is all about the Island of Blood starter set for Warhammer Fantasy! The set is simply awesome - the quality of the High Elf Griffon is excellent (especially for a starter set)!

The Games Workshop Newsletter 22.08.2010
In this issue: Something for everyone

The Island of Blood

Attention everybody: the new Warhammer boxed game is due for imminent release (on the 4th of September to be exact), it's called The Island of Blood, and is packed with 74 brand-new Citadel miniatures and everything else you need to play Warhammer. But you knew that already, right? What you might not know is just how much excitement it's generated across the hobby world (like the regular world but where painting and modelling are akin to bread and butter and the only currency is victory points). Since we announced The Island of Blood we've been sent hundreds of emails, and received word of thousands of armies being readied and of battles being fought. This in turn has prompted us to create a host of content looking at every aspect of the set. So, in case you've missed any of it, here's a round up of the best bits, and another look at the stunning The Island of Blood set itself.

Order your copy here.
Order your copy here.

There are two armies in The Island of Blood - a Skaven force and a High Elf force. The Skaven are a horde army that rely on weight of numbers to win the day, while the High Elves are elite warriors that achieve victory through surgical application of force and skill at arms. So whichever style of play you favour there's something for you in the set. Many of the miniatures in The Island of Blood are exclusives - there's no other way to get your hands on them. The massive Rat Ogres and Elf Mage are fantastic new sculpts of existing units types, while the monstrous Prince on Griffon and Poisoned Wind Mortars have never been available before. If you don't collect Skaven or High Elves then this is the perfect way to start. Otherwise, there'll be plenty of other hobbyists eager to get their hands on more of these gorgeous minis, so you won't be short of people to swap them with.

A Blog of Two Gamers A Blog of Two Gamers

Our own 'What's new today' blogger, Andy, was so excited by The Island of Blood he's gone head-to-head with fellow gamer Adam Hall in the new 'Blog of Two Gamers' series. Follow the two as they turn the contents of the set into fully fledge armies.

The Island of Blood Miniatures The Island of Blood Miniatures

We received so many questions about the miniatures within The Island of Blood set that we decide to do a feature on each and every one of them, starting with the High Elf Prince on Griffon and Skaven Warlord.

The Island of Blood Tactics The Island of Blood Tactics

The miniatures are pretty, the mini-rulebook handy, but we'd still all like to feel the sweet tingle of victory on the battlefield; step-up Andy Hall and Matt Hutson who have been collecting and gaming with Skaven and High Elves respectively. Check out this post where they offer up their finest tactical pointers.

The Island of Blood: ?Eavy Metal Gallery The Island of Blood: ’Eavy Metal Gallery

The 'Eavy Metal Team did such a great job of painting The Island of Blood miniatures that we felt a gallery was in order. Not only does this article contain high-resolution pictures of some of the key miniatures but it's also got some fancy flash animation that lets you rotate the models through 360 degrees!

The Island of Blood at your local Hobby Centre The Island of Blood at your local Hobby Centre

Without a doubt, the best way to appreciate how great The Island of Blood set is, is to see it first hand. Pop down to your local Hobby Centre where you'll see painted examples of all the miniatures. You can even pick them up and play a game with them.

The Island of Blood Online
The Island of Blood Online

If you don't happen to have a Hobby Centre on your door step then head on over to the product page. There you'll find pictures and a full description of everything that's in The Island of Blood set. There are also pictures of the individual plastic frames so you can see exactly what components you get. One you've finished poring over the contents you can advance order your copy and then relax - the greatest Warhammer boxed game of all time will soon be in your hands.

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