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News: Mantic Newsletter

Hello all, Slick here. The latest Mantic newsletter is out and there are some more exciting deals coming from Mantic including the starter box this fall! Check out the massive Dwarf army below!

Mantic Games Newsletter
Can't make Gencon? Don't Panic!

Last weekend's Beasts of War seems have caused quite a stir in the community and with so much to digest you'd be forgiven for having missed something!

That's less of a concern for our American cousins who are popping down to GenCon this weekend as Ronnie and Jim are there at booth 1415 and are on-hand to answer all of yours questions, wax lyrical about all things Mantic and show-off the new miniatures.

GenCon is touted as the best four days in wargaming and not only can you get hold of everything from the Mantic range, we also have a few pre-release sets available including the Dwarf Warhost (which has already nearly sold out), some of the new models and three-ups of the Zombies to show-off!

To celebrate our attendance at GenCon and our love of all the American wargamers out there, we're offering free shipping to the United States* until the end of Gencon! If you can't get down to GenCon and pick up those Undead sets you've wanted to get hold of, you needn't worry! Pop onto the website and we'll post them out free of charge – it's almost like you're there, though you will miss out on Ronnie's witty banter!

* Please note that this will only apply to orders made in US dollars.

Grafe's Steel Legion

With all the news on the Fantasy Battleset, Zombies and this, that and the other, it's hard to imagine that we've only actually released half of the Dwarf range so far! With warmachines and warhosts to come in August, and metal heroes and berserkers in September and an as-yet-unseen new plastic set in October, the Dwarf range is expanding at a rapid rate.

With Grafe's Steel Legion we've tried to make it possible to get hold of everything in one go, including the pre-release metal sets! Oh yes, on the 18th August Grafe's Steel Legion will start shipping and will include the Berserkers and Dwarf King's Counsel sets (you will be the first to get these sets as they aren't officially released until September) in addition to the 40 plastic Ironwatch, 40 plastic Ironclads, 4 Ironbelchers, 1 Flames Cannon and 5 Ironguard!

Conversion potential abound, this ultimate army deal is a great way of picking up a Dwarf army in preparation for the rules released for public beta in the coming weeks!

For more details on this awesome army deal, check it out here!


We've recently increased our presence in the HobbyCraft stores by adding the new dwarf and paint sets to the range. With a new store in Croydon now carrying the Mantic range as well, this summer holiday HobbyCraft are offering 3 for 2 on the Mantic range! - and if that's not enough, every Mantic purchase in a HobbyCraft store nabs you a Mantic Journal for free!

For details on our HobbyCraft stores please see our list of stockists.

Win 80 white Dwarfs!

Don't forget we are still running our white Dwarf army prize draw consisting of 40 Ironclads and 40 Ironwatch, each in cool, white plastic.

All you have to do to enter is go to this page here on the website and sign-up using the contact form on the page. This will subscribe you to both the Mantic Games and the Beasts of War newsletter and enters you into the draw.

So what are you waiting for – enter the prize draw here now!

Mantic Freebies!

Everyone loves a good old Mantic freebie and last weekend we raced through bags and clippers like no ones business. It has been so popular that we have decided to keep running the free bag offer on orders over 50/€75/$99!

The clippers might have ended, but you can still grab a bag!

Mantic Open Day

See, we've still got some secrets!

Mantic will be holding an open day at Mantic Towers on the 9th October 2010 and it's open to everybody!

More details are to follow but at it's simplest – if you like wargaming and you like miniatures, mark the 9th October down in your diary and get over to Mantic. At the very least you'll get a cup of tea from Ronnie, which will be a first in our books!

Based in Nottingham, Mantic's address and contact can be found here.

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