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News: Forgeworld Newsletter #238

Hello all, Slick here. The latest Forgeworld Newsletter is out and there are more releases for Raven Guard and Orks in relation to Imperial Armour 8! The Stompa gets some more customization and battlewagons get the Lifta Droppa arm! Raven Guard get the custom door/shoulder pad treatment as with other marine chapters.

"Hi There,
Once again, we have a newsletter packed full of fantastic releases for you, all of which are featured in our brand new Imperial Armour book, Raid on Kastorel-Novem. This tells the story of a surprise attack by the forces of the Imperium against a vital Ork world and the desperate battles that follow. You can find out more about our new book Here.

Ead Brown

The Raven Guard
Last week`s newsletter saw the release of Simon Egan's fantastically detailed Shadow Captain Korvydae and Raven Guard Upgrade Set, which have proved hugely popular. Hot on the heels of these two infantry kits is a swathe of heavier options for Raven Guard players:

Raven Guard Thunderhawks and MKIIB Land Raider
Raven Guard These taciturn Astartes may be famed for their stealth, but no Raven Guard Strike Force would be complete without armour. The Raven Guard Thunderhawk Gunship allows Space Marine infantry to swiftly redeploy to exploit the weaknesses of an enemy battle line. This mighty aircraft is supplied with a set of Chapter specific doors encrusted with Raven Guard icons and battle honours.

Heavy equipment is often flown from an orbiting Strike Cruiser or Battle Barge to support an initial Drop Pod assault. The Transporter variant of the mighty Thuderhawk Gunship sacrifices its additional weaponry and transport capacity in favour of huge grapple arms that clamp to the hull of an armoured vehicle. The Raven Guard Thunderhawk Transporter with Land Raider and Raven Guard Thunderhawk Transporter with Rhinos, allow a fast moving Strike Force to quickly deploy heavy reinforcements in support of an engagement.

Space Marine tanks are renowed throughout the Imperium, and none more so than the indomitable Land Raider. The ancient MKIIb pattern of this tank is an honoured relic amongst those Chapters that posses one, and the war-spirit of each revered machine is is undiminished despite the millennia since the activation of each system. The Raven Guard MkIIb Land Raider is but one example, and this resin and plastic hybrid kit is supplied with a set of doors featuring detailed Raven Guard iconography.

The Raven Guard Thunderhawks and MKIIB Land Raider are available to order now from the Forge World Webstore for release the week commencing the 24th of May.

The Orks!
In addition to our recent `Chinork` Warcopta and Kustom Stompa Upgrades we have yet more Orky releases, fresh from the twisted depths of Buzzgob's genius:

Full Kustom Stompa with Belly Gun
StompaBy popular demand, we`ve put together a complete Kustom Stompa kit featuring the Kustom Stompa Head, Stompa Klaw Arm, Stompa Lifta Droppa and Stompa Belly Gun along with the Games Workshop plastic Stompa model enable you to build a fully 'kustomised' Stompa. Rules for this colossal metal beast (along with scores of other potential Stompa variants for you to build) can be found in Imperial Armour Volume 8, Raid on Kastorel-Novem as part of 'Buzzgob's Mek Workshop Kustom Stompa Builder'.

The Ork Kustom Stompa with Belly Gun is available now from the Forge World Webstore

Ork Lifta Droppa Wagon
Battlewagon Lifta DroppaAlso new for the Orks is this fantastically ludicrous Battlewagon with Lifta Droppa, designed by Stuart Williamson and Mark Bedford. Only an Ork would dare to put such an unstable and powerful energy weapon on the back of a heavily armoured, flatbed, battlewagon to create an ungainly weapon of unimaginable power. The massive 'Traktor' beam is capable of picking up an enemy tank and throwing it around like an enraged child with a toy - as long as the onboard reactor doesn't blow up first of course! This huge and outlandish cannon comes as a hybrid resin and plastic kit with Games Workshop Battle Wagon parts, added mountings and Ork gunner. Full rules for the Ork Lifta Droppa Wagon can be found in Imperial Armour Volume 8, Raid on Kastorel-Novem.

The Ork Lifta Droppa Wagon is available to order now from the Forge World Webstore for release the week commencing the 24th of May.

Ork Weapons Set
Just the thing for any enterprising Mekboy our final Ork release for this Newsletter is a fantastic new Ork weapons set by the Studio Design Team. Included are twelve different guns including big shootas, shootas, skorchas and rokkit launchas along with weapon mounting brackets to fit them on your vehicles, and spare shells, magazines and ammo belts. You can find pictures of all this extra Dakka Here.

The Ork Weapons Set is available to order now from the Forge World Webstore for release the week commencing the 24th of May.

Forge World Events News
Forge World will be attending Games Day Spain on July 4th, and Games Day Baltimore on August 21st. We are now taking reservation orders for both of these exciting events. Just send an email to including your name and a list of everything you'd like to reserve, and title your email `Games Day Spain Reservation` or ` Games Day Baltimore Reservation`. We must receive Games Day Spain reservations by June 21st at the latest, and Games Day Baltimore reservations by July 5th at the latest."
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