Saturday, May 22, 2010

News: GW Newsletter - It's Time to Deliver a Whuppin'

Hello all, Slick here. The latest GW newsletter is out and it's all about the Orcs! Basically we have more previews for the new Boar Boyz and Trolls which should be available in stores now. Hopefully these new kits point towards a new army book for these guys after 8th edition is released as they sorely need an update. How are you guys liking the new Board Riders and Trolls?

The Games Workshop Newsletter 21.05.2010
In this issue: It’s time to deliver a whuppin’

New Today

The Boar Boyz and River Trolls are the heavy-hitters of the Orcs & Goblins army. Boar Boyz work best on the offensive, smashing their way through the enemy's line. The River Trolls are among the most resilient creatures in Warhammer and can shrug off an enemy's charge before striking back with their own fearsome attacks.

Boar Boyz Boar Boyz

Orc Boar Boyz are the shock cavalry of the Orc & Goblin army. Not only do the Orcs pack a hefty punch on the charge, but their ferocious war boars hit as hard as a knight! Order them here.

River Trolls River Trolls

River Trolls are large, hideous creatures and are great fun to game with - they can regenerate wounds and even vomit on the enemy. But don't take our word for it - order your own unit of these foul monsters and see for yourself.

Also Available

The new Orc Boar Boyz and River Trolls are just two of the many, many characterful units that an Orcs & Goblins player can call upon. Below you'll find our pick of the others.

Skarsnik, Lord of the Eight Peaks & Gobbla Skarsnik, Lord of the Eight Peaks & Gobbla

Skarsnik is a particularly cunning Night Goblin, whose traps and ambushes have been the bane of many a foe. When facing Skarsnik your opponent may well find his units don't make it to the battlefield...

Snotling Pump Wagon Snotling Pump Wagon

The Pump Wagon is a bizarre contraption that's powered by the sweat of Snotlings who frantically pump the simple mechanism that drives it forwards. Though it does deliver a crushing 2D6 impact hits!

Wurrzag, Savage Orc Shaman Wurrzag, Savage Orc Shaman

Shamans are a vital part of any Orc & Goblin army. They can unleash their own powerful Waaagh! spells and decimate the enemy in a flash of green power.

Goblin Warboss on Gigantic Spider Goblin Warboss on Gigantic Spider

Any Goblin bold enough to take command of a green skin horde deserves a special mount: this huge metal miniature will make a great centrepiece for your collection and is available exclusively through

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