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News: Mantic Newsletter - Dwarfs!

Hello all, Slick here. The latest Mantic newsletter is out and it's a big one! The first in the new Dwarf range is available and I must say I'm liking these a lot! They have various pre-order sales going on and the big gives you something like 100 dwarfs for less than $100 with each unit having a full command as well! I think that I will actually have to order up a unit or two to add to my Dogs of War. What do you guys think about Mantic's Dwarfs?

Mantic Games Newsletter

Dwarf Ironclads

Ironclads march at the forefront of the armies of the Dwarfs. Heavily armoured in thick plate that a non-Dwarf would struggle to bear, such is the endurance of the Dwarfs that Ironclads have been known to march 50 miles in a single day and night, moving at a brisk trot that they can keep up seemingly forever. Tenacious, hardy and determined, an average Dwarf stands only as high as the shoulder of a man, yet they are far more massive, broad across the back and heavy-skulled.

An Ironclad’s armour is thickest about the Dwarf’s head and shoulders, for many of their foes are taller and strike downwards. The Dwarfs for their part prefer to concentrate on the lower portions of their foe, aiming for the ankles in particular, a technique the Ironclads refer to as “Cutting them down to size”.

All Dwarfs favour short-hafted heavy weapons suitable for hewing and crushing. Dwarfs have poor reach compared to other races, fancy fencing does little for them, while longer weapons will in any case become easily fouled on the walls of their tunnels.

The Ironclad fighting technique epitomises the Dwarven way of war. They lure their opponent into attacking first, trusting to their rugged physique and thick armour to protect them. Then, once the foe has come within reach, the Dwarf will respond in unhurried, deadly manner, smashing and hewing, warhammers and axes being the most common arms among their kind for this purpose.
Over the coming months one short (sorry! – ed) topic will be dominating events here at Mantic – our new army will be gracing wargames tables everywhere, and appearing on the shelves of your local gaming store. We are very proud to announce the third race in our range of fantasy battle armies:

Tales from the Forge

On the website we have built a history of the Dwarfs, and a comprehensive section about their military prowess. This includes details on troop types, battle formations, preferred weapons and armour, and of course their cannons!! To find out more, and see all the latest photos, click here.

Name that unit are currently running a competition to name one of our Dwarf units, the ranged attack troopers – who come armed with a choice of Crossbows and Rifles.
The comp closes on the 24th of May, but that still gives you plenty of time to check out the suggestions and a few days to get your ideas posted – and perhaps win the $200 prize and see you suggestion in print! Good luck!

Visit the blog

All this week we have been posting updates about the Dwarfs, with sneak peaks, concept art and all things Dwarf related. To see all this and more click here.
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