Sunday, May 23, 2010

News: GW Newsletter - Jervis announces Throne of Skulls Tournaments!

Hello all, Slick here. The latest GW newsletter is out and this time it's a bit of a shocker as GW announces the new name for their Grand Tournaments! There aren't really any specifics yet but upcoming issues of White Dwarf should go into more detail. What do you guys think? Will the new GW GTs be worth going to or are the various Indy GTs already too established?

The Games Workshop Newsletter 23.05.2010
"In this issue: Jervis announces new Games Workshop tournaments

Incoming! Throne of Skulls Grand Tournaments

The Throne of Skulls is coming: Games Workshop's system for Grand Tournaments promising great games, friendly competition and the chance to enjoy the Games Workshop hobby: over to Jervis Johnson to tell you more.

Our Throne of Skulls Grand Tournaments are all about having a great time playing one of your favourite games. Over the years they have proved to be a huge success, and so we are now planning to run more of them, in more places round the world, than ever before. As part of this process we're updating the way we run our tournaments, to make it even easier for players to have the best time possible. Our aim is simply to get people together so they can play games, meet up with their mates and immerse themselves in the hobby for a day or two.

Tournaments are not just about fighting battles; there are lots of other things to do as well. They offer an unrivalled opportunity to make new friends and see some really great armies. You're sure to come away with some new ideas for your own collection, and hints and tips on how to achieve the best effects. There are usually plenty of other activities to take part in too. You'll find that a Throne of Skulls Grand Tournament is a fantastic way to celebrate all aspects of the Games Workshop hobby.

Look out for details of Throne of Skulls Grand Tournaments to be held in your area in the pages of White Dwarf magazine and on the Games Workshop website at shortly. We look forward to seeing you at a Throne of Skulls Grand Tournament soon!

- Jervis Johnson"

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