Tuesday, May 18, 2010

News: Mantic Newsletter

Hello all, Slick here. The latest Mantic newsletter is out and unlike a certain other company, Mantic will not have a price increase for the foreseeable future! What does that mean for you? Same great prices same great minis! Take a look at the newsletter for more:

Mantic Games Newsletter
Mantic Games announces it's prices for 2010

For full details on Mantic's price rise for 2010, please see the press release.

Having reviewed our fantastic prices, we have decided that as of the 1st June, Mantic Games products will be exactly the same price as they are right now!!

so, that means no price rises – not one.

To celebrate this extraordinary event, until Monday 31st May, we will give away a free Mantic Messenger Bag with all orders over £50.00, €75.00 and $99.00!

We've also put the Small and Large Carry Cases up onto the website to purchase individually, along with a small and a large bundle deal, allowing you to pick up a load of boxes, at great value to store your models.

In combination, as the video below shows, the bag and carry case offer a fantastic solution to storing and transporting your armies. There are few better ways than the bag to transport those warhosts or army deals, such as Malak's Legion of Death, around in – and now you can have one for free!

We're only giving the free bag away up until the end of the 31st May – don't miss it, please check out the webstore!
Detail: if your order is over the threshold as you complete payment then a Messenger bag will be automatically added to your order at despatch.

Game on!

Some of you may have seen on the blog that a number of employees at Mantic are vying with each other for a ticket to a tournament in June. A few of the guys are doing an Undead Army and they realised they would rather have a few extra ghouls in place of the Balefire Catapult, so we've created this new bundle!
For the price of a Warhost, we've put together a new Alternative Warhost set containing 20 Skeletons, 20 Revenants and 20 Ghouls.

We've listened to feedback from the community and, for gaming play where not all the units might be covered by existing rules, this new set contains a tournament and game legal core army of Undead, ripe for a few additions of Vampires, Necromancers and Revenant Knights (which are tantalisingly close!).

Keep an eye out on the blog for a new Dwarf Week - all the latest gossip, rumours, news and fun!
Website Issue

An issue with the website has been picked up where the system is rejecting orders from certain countries, such as Bulgaria and Croatia. We are investigating a solution for this, but should such an issue occur in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us where we can add your order manually.
Don't forget that Mantic is on Facebook, which is getting livelier as we start uploading more content, with the intention of keeping you guys involved with what's going on at Mantic Towers!

Mantic's expanding with less chins and more hair!

Mantic Games is pleased to welcome a new member to the fold in the shape of Mattieu (and if you've seen Stu before, you'll get the joke above!). As an international company, having a Belgian on board has so far proved a brilliant decision, because if there's one thing they do well, it's chocolate, which is rather unfortunate for our waistlines!

Design a Sleeve

We've had a few people asking us about the Design a Sleeve competition – well, we had such a fantastic response, it's taking rather a while to get through the submissions! We're keeping the competition open
as this video suggest, so please keep sending in your submissions.

For full details on the competition,
check out the Mantic Challenges.
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