Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Uncharted Seas

Hello all, Slick here. Time for something entirely different. Our LGS recently got in several box sets and the rulebook for a game called Uncharted Seas. Out of curiosity our gaming group decided to take a look at the game and the more we checked out the minis and read about the game itself the more eager everyone was to try this game out. It reminds one of the old GW game 'Man o War' and has a setting populated by familiar races (humans, elves, dwarfs etc.) with some interesting twists though. The game's rules are fairly easy to learn and there are a good variety of armies to try out. Another plus is the fact that the startup cost for the game is rather cheap, with the rulebook being $30 and most starter fleets being around $30 as well. The ships are rather tiny (15mm I believe) and all of the armies are listed in the rulebook so there is no need to buy codecies and other supplemental materials. Additional rules and units are available as free pdf downloads from the Spartan Games website which is a big plus. My only real complaint are the numerous and glaring grammar mistakes throughout the book. A lot of the book feels rushed and a few units do not have finalized rules and you need to find these on their website. In various places there are sentences simply missing words to make them intelligible. These are just minor gripes though, and after playing our first game today we can definitely recommend checking this game out! It is a very good palate-cleansing game for anyone feeling a bit burned out on the usual 40K or Fantasy game.
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