Friday, May 7, 2010

News: GW Newsletter - Which Battlehost will you field?

Hello all, Slick here. The latest GW newsletter has arrived and War of the Ring players are in for more treats. The new Battlehosts expansion is making its way to a store near you along with many new miniatures and terrain releases!

War of the Ring Expansion

Battlehosts are often led by Middle-earth's greatest heroes and are each powerful forces on the battlefield, their abilities far greater than the sum of their parts. Read all about these legendary fighting formations in War of the Ring: Battlehosts.

Battlehosts BattlehostsWar of the Ring: Battlehosts is an 80-page expansion, detailing all that you need to know to add and play with devastating fighting units called Battlehosts. It's also packed with new fortunes and fates and loads of great hobby advice.
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The Lord of the Rings Scenery

Scenery is as integral to a game of War of the Ring or The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game as the miniatures themselves. A varied scenery collection will add depth to your games, inspire scenarios, and perhaps more importantly, give your embattled warriors something to shelter behind or launch deadly ambushes from.

Ruins of Osgiliath
Ruins of OsgiliathThis all-new The Lord of the Rings terrain set allows you to represent the war-strewn ruins of Osgiliath on your tabletop. By combining the parts from multiple sets you can even model an entire portion of the once great city.
Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard Citadel Realm of Battle GameboardWith The Realm of Battle Gameboard you'll have your very own modular gaming table that can be assembled in a host of different ways. Recreate the blood stained plains of Middle-earth with this great-looking gaming table.
Citadel Wood Citadel WoodWoods are a common site across Middle-earth and the Citadel Wood is the perfect set to compliment your scenery collection. A Ruin of Osgiliath assembled in conjunction with a Citadel Wood makes for a striking terrain piece.
Citadel Hill Citadel HillAn essential part of any battlefield, hills provide vital vantage points and high ground for your warriors. You can even combine the Citadel Hill with the Ruins of Osgiliath to create a ruined watchtower or outpost.
The Lord of the Rings Terrain Pack The Lord of the Rings Terrain PackThis terrain set will allow you to represent the ruined wilderness and abandoned settlements of Middle-earth, and is perfect for adding extra detail to your Ruins of Osgiliath.
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New The Lord of the Rings miniatures

Released alongside Battlehosts is an array of brand-new The Lord of the Rings miniatures for you to reinforce your War of the Ring formations with. Click here for a closer look at all the new Heroes and Warriors you can buy for your collection.

Knights of Dol Amroth Knights of Dol Amroth The Knights of Dol Amroth are the elite of Gondor's armies. Now available as a plastic kit, which contains dozens of assembly options, add these peerless knights to your collection.
Morgul Knights Morgul KnightsMorgul Knights are the elite of Sauron's armies and even the noblest of beings cannot hope to triumph against their malice. The six riders and mounts in this kit are fully interchangeable, meaning it's easier than ever to assemble a unique formation of these dread riders.
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