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Apocalypse: Assault on Darius IX Mission #3

Game Preserve Apocalypse Campaign 2010

The Assault on Darius IX

Mission 3 – Chaos Rising

The forces of Chaos continue to press their attack on the beleaguered world of Darius IX. Imperial counterattacks have largely proven unsuccessful. Reconnaissance reports reveal disturbing rituals taking place in various locations in the Chaos held territories. Surely some greater evil is in motion. Imperial forces launch another desperate attack to contain the Chaos forces and to discover the nature of these rituals and to put an end to them if at all possible. Imperial commanders have received word that several reinforcements are en route to Darius IX. But will they arrive before the defenders expire? To make matters worse, an ancient evil stirs beneath the surface in a remote region of the planet...

Objective: The forces of Chaos must attempt to erect a number of shrines to the dark gods which will help to focus their combined dark energies on the planet for the ultimate goal of opening a major warp rift! If successful, this will most certainly push the Imperial defenders beyond their limit and seal the fate of the planet.

Imperial forces must do everything in their power to prevent this from happening. The Chaos followers will be vulnerable as they consecrate the ground for their dark gods and setup their shrines. Imperial forces must work quickly to destroy any shrines as they are being built.

There will also be a small number of strategic objectives (2) which both sides covet. Each side will have one of these placed in their deployment zone.

Each remaining Chaos shrine at the end of the game will count as an objective for the Chaos side. Each destroyed shrine will count as an objective for the Imperial side. Any shrines which are not successfully placed will count as an objective for the Imperial side.

Strategic objectives will count for either side as normal.

The team with the most objectives at the end of the game wins the battle.

Special Rules:

The Imperial navy has managed to gain some ground in the space around Darius IX. Imperial forces have access to Orbital Bombardment again. In addition, Imperial forces receive the following assets for free: Careful Planning and Recon.

Chaos players will receive a number of Chaos shrines which will be evenly divided among the four gods (1 for Khorne, 1 for Nurgle etc). These shrines will take the forms of the god's symbol for the sake of simplicity. Each shrine will have a special ability that may affect friendly and/or enemy models as well. These abilities will be revealed before the game.

Chaos players will secretly nominate a unit which will be responsible for placing the shrine. Each shrine must be carried by a unit aligned with that particular god. Khorne Berserks could carry the Khorne shrine but not the Slaanesh shrine for example.

The shrines must be placed anywhere in the following locations: 1 in the Chaos deployment zone, 2 in No-Man's Land, 1 in the Imperial deployment zone. The shrines cannot be within 24" of one another.

Once the nominated units reach a suitable point the Chaos player may then place the shrine marker on the table. There must be room to place it. Treat the placement as Deep Striking for this purpose (no deviation though). It cannot be placed within 6" of an enemy unit. The unit placing the shrine must remain there for the rest of the turn. It may shoot but cannot assault another unit. It will fight back as normal if assaulted. After that the unit is free to act as normal.

The shrines can be attacked and have the following profile: Armor 14, 4+ Invulnerable save. Ignore glancing hits.

The following characters will be MIA for this battle due to serious wounds: Commissar Yarrick, Fateweaver, and Khan, and Kharn.

Determining the Victor – At the end of the game, determine who controls each strategic objective as follows:

· A A unit controls an objective if it is in base contact with that objective and no enemy units are in base contact with that objective. The team with the most objectives under their control is the winner. Each objective taken, or not taken, will impact the forces and special rules available to players/teams in subsequent battles. If a unit is in base contact with more than one objective, the owning player must choose which objective it is attempting to control.

Scoring Units: Unlike in normal games of Warhammer 40,000, all non-vehicle units count as scoring units.

Wipeout!: Regardless of all other victory conditions, if at the end of the game the enemy has no units left on the table, you win the game!

Assets: Players will each have access to one strategic asset. Armies not painted to the 3-color minimum must use the Ash Wastes asset. Players can gain additional Assets by using various legendary units and formations. Teams may not have more than one copy of the same asset.

Sequence of Play

Pre-game – Setup the Battlefield & Place Objectives

1 Pick Army

2 Select Teams & Nominate Supreme Commanders

3 Set Time Limit

4 Pick Strategic Assets

· If one side has fewer points, then they receive one extra asset for every full 250 points difference.

5. Deployment

· Each side will bid on the their deployment time as normal with the team bidding the lowest time also deploying first and taking the first turn. Superheavies must start the game on the table.

· Units not set up are in Strategic Reserve

6 Fight the Battle

7 Victory! – Players add up the number of objectives. The team with the most objectives wins.
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