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News: Mantic Newsletter

Hello all, Slick here. Mantic's latest newsletter is out and the Zombies are finally available. They look great and their price means you can amass quite the horde without hitting the wallet too hard. Mantic is also set to have their first Open Day! Read more below:

Mantic Games Newsletter

Zombies - The Shambling Hordes Approach!

The Zombies are nearly here!

With the new miniatures shipping from the 24th of September 2010, which is only just over 1 week away, we know you all must be really excited, as we definitely are!

Painted by Andrew Wedmore

If you have been watching our Blog this week then you will have seen that we have been teasing you with images, as this week was Zombie week. So we know you have probably seen these images before, but we think they are just so good that we would show you them again!

To celebrate this big release we have decided that every order* placed on our website until the end of the month will receive a Zombie sprue completely free!

*Please note: any order consisting of just an Open Day ticket or a subscription is exempt from this offer.

Now we are sure you will want more than just one sprue, so don't forget you can get your hands on these fantastic figures by buying the
Zombie Regiment, the Zombie Horde, or for what can only be described as amazing value for money you can pick up the Zombies in our brand new Undead Army Deal: Malak's Endless Hordes. Zombies are also included in the Mhorgoth's Revenge Fantasy Battleset, the Undead Army Set.

All of these box-sets are available for pre-order now, so what are you waiting for!

Kings of War Fantasy Battle Rules

Well the Closed Beta has now been available for download for a week now and we have been really pleased to see that the rules seem to be going down so well within the community.

Just in case you missed the rules, here is the link again - just click on the logo below to get your FREE download!:

We would just like to take this opportunity to explain our plans. This is a Closed Public Beta of the rules, giving you guys who are signed up to the newsletter first access to the download. Then the plan is we will print the first version of the rules to be included within our box-sets.

This printed version is an Open Beta of the rules, we will be collecting feedback from everyone. In approximately 6 months time we intend to revise the rules again, using all the feedback we have received, and publish a second version.

Will you lead the
Undead Horde to victory?

We want to thank everyone who has been playing our game and leaving feedback for us. We are regularly reading the forums, and it is great to see people discussing the rules. We have already started building up a database of ideas that we want to go through and test with Alessio.

So please keep talking to us, we really do want to know what you like, what you don't like and what you maybe think we can add.

Until next time - braaaaiiiins....

Open Day

The Open Day is continuing to build momentum, tickets are proving to be popular, which is great to see, as we here at Mantic would love to meet as many of you as possible. We will have to stop selling ticket shortly, so please pick up your ticket soon.

The Open Day is being held on the 9th October 2010 with doors opening at 10am, with last entry at 4pm, though our doors won't close until 5pm.

We will have all of our painted miniatures on display, and there will be a store set-up where you will be able to purchase any of our product range - and loose plastic sprues!

“Celebrities” will be in attendance, including the star of all the video blogs you all know and love.

Alessio Cavatore will be attending and we can now confirm that both Mike McVey and Bob Naismith are going to be here with us. You can talk to them about all things Mantic. Bob sculpted the incredible new Zombies, and Mike will be painting some during the day - which we intend to give away as prizes!

We will also be running demos of our brand new game so you will get to feel the full Kings of War experience using two of our beautifully painted armies.

We have a range of ticket deals on offer as you can see here - so what are you waiting for, pick up your ticket now!

Shipping in September

Mark the 24th September in your diary, the latest sets from Mantic will be shipping.

The Dwarf Berserkers and Dwarf War Kings Council will add two new metal sets to the Dwarf army and some of our most beautiful sculpts to date.

Issue 2 of the Journal will also begin shipping. Penned by the brilliant Guy Haley once again (watch out for a blog coming from him soon), those of you who've ordered the subscription from Issue 2 will also get a free Dwarf Miner with Drill figure!

For full details on the month's releases check out our advance order pages here.

Triple Helix

Mantic will be attending the grand opening of Triple Helix Wargames in Westbury, Somerset this weekend and, as well as free give-a-ways and the chance to talk to us about all things Mantic, we're also bringing a couple of our armies down to demonstrate the new ruleset!

Steven and Charlotte have gone all out on this event and you can check out details on their facebook page (though whilst you're at it, why not hang a left and wander over to the Mantic Facebook page - you might like it!).

We'd like to say a big thank you to the guys for inviting us so make sure you pop down and check it out!
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