Tuesday, September 14, 2010

News: GW Newsletter - Ulthuan Marshalls for War!

Hello all, Slick here. The new High Elf releases are up for advance order! For the first time ever we will have plastic Phoenix Guard and White Lions! This will be a nice update as the metal units were quite pricey (as long as GW doesn't pull a Goldswords move here). The new Dragon Princes are also a welcome addition to the range. Last but not least, the Mega Paint set is being relaunched and includes the washes and foundation paints. A good time to be playing High Elves!

The Games Workshop Newsletter 08.09.2010
In this issue: Ulthuan marshals for war; The Mega Paint Set returns

Advance Order: High Elves & The Mega Paint Set

The High Elves are one of the oldest races in Warhammer and they are masters of all aspects of warfare. To command a force of High Elves is to lead an army of elite warriors and powerful spellcasters. High Elf units have the speed to pick when and where they will meet the foe, and blessed with the Speed of Asuryan (all High Elves have the Always Strike First special rule) they can strike them down before they have the chance to draw Elven blood. Even the Core warriors of a High Elf army have the stat line and abilities that far exceed the warriors of other races, while their specialist units are the equal of the heroes of lesser races. New to advance order today are three such powerful units: the Dragon Princes, Phoenix Guard and White Lions.

Dragon Princes Dragon Princes

The Dragon Princes are the finest cavalry in all of Ulthuan. Clad in ornate dragon armour they are immune to fire and all but the most powerful of blows. Lead your charge with a unit of these elite Elven knights.

Phoenix Guard Phoenix Guard

The Phoenix Guard are infused with the raw power of Asuryan and benefit from a 4+ ward save, and are the ideal unit to build your battleline around. Now available as a multi-part plastic set, it's never been easier to add a unique regiment of these eternal warriors to your High Elf army.

White Lions White Lions

The Woodsmen of Chrace are the strongest of all the High Elves, as capable of felling a monstrous foe as a towering oak. The lion pelts worn by the White Lions, protect them from missile fire and allows them to advance unmolested into striking distance of their mighty axes.

Become a lord of Ulthuan
Become a lord of Ulthuan

There's no better excuse to start a new army than the arrival of some new miniatures, which makes now the perfect time to collect a glittering host of Ulthuan! A High Elf army rewards clever generalship and although your warriors are far superior to your foes, they'll be outnumbered and you'll have to use their talents wisely to ensure victory. That being said, you've access to: a host of warriors with multiple attacks; cheap magic items; powerful mages, which are even more obscene if tooled up with said magic items; and of course Star Dragons, which eat Greater Daemons for breakfast.

To start your High Elf warhost, you'll need a copy of Warhammer Armies: High Elves, it contains all of the rules and information you'll need, and you can't lead your army to war without it. The High Elf Battalion is a great next purchase; it's packed with miniatures and offers a saving over buying the contents individually. With those you'll have the makings of a small force, and you can get on to adding in more specialist troops - one of the best thing about gaming with High Elves is the number of Special choices you have to choose from. White Lions and Lion Chariots will add some punch to your army (Elves from Chrace are stronger and hardier than other Elves), while Repeater Bolt Throwers and their impressive firepower are simply a must have. That just leaves you with a General to find. Being an ancient race, the High Elves have long held an alliance with dragons and can field more of them than any other army. You can mount a Prince or a Mage on a dragon depending on your preference but whichever option you choose, you can rest assured your General and their dragon will be the single most powerful addition to your army.

The Mega Paint Set The Mega Paint Set

Also available to advance order is the new Mega Paint Set, the ultimate hobby set. It contains all 73 paints in the Citadel Colour, Foundation and Wash ranges, brushes, glue, flock and sand, packed in a custom case. But hurry this limited edition item won't be around for long - advance order yours today.

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