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News: Mantic Newsletter: Kings of War Beta!

Hello all, Slick here. Exciting news from Mantic this time around as their Kings of War beta rules are now available to the public! You can help improve the rules by playing games and giving them your feedback. Imagine that, a company actually involving it's customers in the development of the rules...(looks at the 800 pound gorilla aka GW). Also, the rules were penned by none other than Alessio Cavatore himself!

Mantic Games Newsletter

The Kings of War rules
now available for playtesting!

Welcome to the play test (closed Beta) edition of the Mantic Newsletter!

We've been talking about it all week on the blog, and we're pretty sure you have been waiting about as patiently as a restless child on Christmas Eve. So, as promised, today you newsletter sign-upees can download our free Beta rules!

You too could be as happy as this man
with a copy of the Kings of War Beta.

To get your copy just click on the Kings of War Logo below and download the PDF!

Everyone at Mantic is passionate about providing a gaming experience of big armies and even bigger battles - we have worked hard to offer great looking miniatures at affordable prices, and now we want to strive to create the best fantasy rules set we can...
and this means it's now over to you!

So far, we have collaborated with the best rules writer in the world - Alessio Cavatore and he has created a wonderful set of rules. But now we want your feedback - we want to know what you like, what you don't like and what you maybe think we can add. We have teamed up with our great friends at Beasts of War, who have a whole section dedicated to the rules, chat and much more here http://www.beastsofwar.com/kings-of-war/
They have set up a dedicated area for you to talk about all things Beta and we will be reading all of the feedback offered. Please submit your comments and suggestions here - http://www.beastsofwar.com/groups/kings-of-war-beta-test/forum/

Get on over to their site and find out more about what they have planned...

So, this is your chance to impact upon the basic rules before they are released in October in sets such as the seminal Mhorgoth's Revenge Fantasy Battleset - a huge box of miniatures containing two complete opposing armies of Dwarfs and Undead as well as free rules written by Alessio and playtested by you.

...And I did say basic rules - this rules set is just the beginning of what we have planned. In the coming months we have loads of armies lists, expansions and heaps of support to make the Kings of War a very open, enjoyable game. We hope it will offer something to beginners, for those who look to play truly huge games, and special rules for gamers who like competitive play.

So don't miss out - download the rules, have some fun playing the game and let us know what you think!

The Zombie Apocalypse is near!

Amongst all the game excitement we have to make sure we don't miss out on the most fantastic miniatures of the year!
The Zombies are nearly here and next week on the blog is all about the living dead!

With the new plastic miniatures shipping from the 24th of September 2010, which is only just over 2 weeks away, we're having our second Zombie week on the blog where you will be able to see the sprues and plastic models for the first time.

Sneak Preview -
Watch the Blog all next week for more!

We're pretty mad on our Zombies, so not only can get your hands on these fantastic figures in the Zombie Regiment and Zombie Horde boxes - offering a staggering 30 figures or 60 figures respectively - but the Zombies are also included in the Mhorgoth's Revenge Fantasy Battleset, the Undead Army Set and, for what can only be described as amazing value for money, you can pick up the Zombies in our brand new Undead Army Deal: Malak's Endless Hordes, containing over an incredible 190 figures!

All of these sets and many more are available for pre-order now, so what are you waiting for - get over to the Mantic website now

Shipping in September

Mark the 24th September in your diary, the latest sets from Mantic will be shipping.

With pre-orders streaming in, the Dwarf Berserkers and Dwarf War Kings Council will add two new metal sets to the Dwarf army, expanding the range to include the berserk elite warriors and some of our most beautiful hero sculpts ever.

Rumour has it that a large supply of these metals have now been received, so pre-orders may even be shipping out early!

These aren't the only pre-orders for September however - Issue 2 of the Journal will begin shipping. Those of you who've ordered the subscription from Issue 2 will get their free Dwarf Miner with Drill figure!

Finally, the Undead are getting reinforced by the aforementioned plastic Zombie Kit and the Undead Army Set.

A pretty chocker month I think you'll agree!

Open Day

As we mentioned last week, we are hosting our Open Day on the 9th of October 2010 to showcase everything we have achieved here at Mantic. We will be opening our doors at 10am, and then we will be open throughout the day with last entry at 4pm, though our doors won't close until 5pm.

We have an increasing list of celebrity guests - this week the legendary Mike McVey agreed to be there! Watch this space for more!

We will have all of our painted miniatures on display, and there will be a store set-up where you will be able to purchase any of our product range - including picking your own metal or plastic sprues.

Alessio Cavatore, who will be on hand to talk to and answer any of your questions, and we will be running demos of our brand new game! So you will get to feel the full Kings of War experience using two of our beautifully painted armies.

We have a range of ticket deals on offer as you can see here - so what are you waiting for, pick up your ticket now!

Web Order 1500!

We have reached the next milestone – our 1500th order. A big thank you to everyone who has supported us! To commemorate reaching this target we offered a special deal. Whoever made the 1500th order would receive credit to the value of their order, so one lucky person would get double the number of figures they were expecting!

The 1500th order was placed by Mr Melvin Brookman, with his order of a Zombie Horde. Well done Melvin!
More Mantic goodness is on its way.
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