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Apocalypse: Assault on Darius IX Mission 4

Hello all, Slick here. Mission 4 for the Assault on Darius IX Apocalypse campaign is now available!

Game Preserve Apocalypse Campaign 2010
The Assault on Darius IX

Part 2: The Imperium Strikes Back

Mission 4 – Apocalypse Now

The beleaguered Imperial defenders of Dariux IX are stretched to the breaking point. All is not lost however, as a massive combined fleet of Imperial Navy and Space Marines has entered the system in order to relieve the defenders and take the fight to the forces of Chaos. As the fleets enter orbit above Darius IX, Imperial forces launch a massive assault against a major Chaos stronghold.

Objective: Operation Daybreak - Imperial reinforcements have finally entered the system including a large Blood Angels taskforce and several Imperial Guard army groups, as well as the might of the Titan Legions! The Imperium is on the offensive and is launching a massive planetary assault as well as attacks on smaller strategic targets throughout the system in order to contain the Chaos forces and then eliminate them. Imperial forces will launch a combined naval and deep strike assault on a fortified Chaos stronghold in order to prepare the way for more resources and war materiel to be brought planetside. Imperial forces must take and hold several key objectives while Chaos forces attempt to hold throw back the attackers.

The team with the most objectives at the end of the game wins the battle.

Special Rules: There will be three major terrain areas for this battle: water, beach, and land. The majority of Imperial forces will launch an amphibious assault via the water and make their way to the Chaos-occupied defenses along the beachfront. Space Marine forces will primarily focus on surgical strikes, attacking key objectives behind enemy lines in order to cause confusion and soften up Chaos defenses before the main Imperial assault. The water area will count as difficult terrain for infantry. Jump pack troops may not end their move in the water. Bikes may not move through the deep water.

All Imperial tanks excluding Land Raiders and Superheavy tanks gain the Amphibious rule for this battle. Tanks can move up to 6" in the water until reaching the beachfront. In addition they will move an additional D3+1 inches forward to represent the current pushing them toward shore. All Space Marine chapters will be able to Deep Strike their Land Raiders (T-Hawk drop off) following the rule in Codex Blood Angels.

Imperial players may create models (and rules) for landing ships and other naval vessels if they wish. The rules need to be submitted for review prior to the game. This will count as creating a datasheet and an additional event as far as league participation is concerned. It's a great opportunity to create a cool, unique model.

Chaos players are encouraged to create their own defensive terrain pieces. Nothing strikes fear into attackers like seeing their comrades (guardsmen) impaled on pikes. Other ideas include a desecrated Imperial terrain pieces such as the aquila or marine statue or a chaos-themed bastion.

Imperial forces may also upgrade any skimmers to flyers for +25 per model. Flyers may then make use of the hover mode rules found in the Apocalypse rulebook.

Imperial forces receive the following assets for free: Recon, Careful Planning, Surgical Raids.
Imperial forces must take the following: Scheduled Bombardment (this replaces Orbital Bombardment), Vital Objective

Chaos forces receive the following assets for free: Indiscriminate Bombardment, Ambush, Camouflage. In addition there will be numerous bunkers and obstacles present to help Chaos forces defend their stronghold.

Chaos forces may not take Careful Planning.

Each side must also nominate their supreme commander for this battle. This commander must be represented by a model on the table. The model's command radius is 24". Killing the opposing supreme commander will count as a bonus objective. Should a commander be killed he will be unavailable for the remainder of the campaign.

The following characters will be MIA for this battle due to serious wounds: Commissar Yarrick, Pedro Kantor, various named Nurgle demons.

The side battle (kiddie table) will feature a battle to retake an Imperial outpost on one of the moons of Darius IX. This will feature intense close quarters battle!

Determining the Victor – At the end of the game, determine who controls each strategic objective as follows:

• A unit controls an objective if it is in base contact with that objective and no enemy units are in base contact with that objective. The team with the most objectives under their control is the winner. Each objective taken, or not taken, will impact the forces and special rules available to players/teams in subsequent battles. If a unit is in base contact with more than one objective, the owning player must choose which objective it is attempting to control.

Scoring Units: Unlike in normal games of Warhammer 40,000, all non-vehicle units count as scoring units.

Wipeout!: Regardless of all other victory conditions, if at the end of the game the enemy has no units left on the table, you win the game!

Assets: Players will each have access to one strategic asset. Armies not painted to the 3-color minimum must use the Ash Wastes asset. Players can gain additional Assets by using various legendary units and formations. Teams may not have more than one copy of the same asset unless they get these through legendary formations and choosing an asset from their allotment.

Sequence of Play

Pre-game – Setup the Battlefield & Place Objectives

1 Pick Army

2 Select Teams & Nominate Supreme Commanders

3 Set Time Limit

4 Pick Strategic Assets
• If one side has fewer points, then they receive one extra asset for every full 250 points difference.

5. Deployment
• Each side will bid on the their deployment time as normal with the team bidding the lowest time also deploying first and taking the first turn. Superheavies must start the game on the table.
• Units not set up are in Strategic Reserve

6 Fight the Battle

7 Victory! – Players add up the number of objectives. The team with the most objectives wins.
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