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News: Mantic Newsletter

Hello all, Slick here. The latest Mantic newsletter is out and it looks like they're having their first Open Day this October! It also looks like they're adding more to the already excellent Dwarf army deal!

Mantic Games Newsletter

October 9th - it's Open Day at Mantic Towers

We are hosting an open day to showcase everything Mantic - right here in in Mantic Towers. Many of our “Celebrities” will be in attendance, including Alessio Cavatore, to name just one, who will be on hand to talk to and answer any of your rules questions and he will be running demos of our brand new game. We'll also host a large Demo game - so you will get to feel the full Kings of War experience with two of our beautifully painted armies.

We will have all of our painted miniatures on display, and there will be a store set-up where you will be able to purchase any of our product range - and even pick your own plastic and metal - straight from the tubs!

These Revenant Knights have begun the
march to Mantic Towers... will you join them?

To come along all you have to do is purchase your tickets here!

We don't want to charge for tickets - but we need to have some idea of attendance numbers. So we are offering a large range of ticket deals to suit everyone's needs, ranging from single tickets, family/group tickets, all the way up to large club packs - and there are lots of freebies and goodies for every attendee - so you will get more than double your entry fee back in gifts!

For each person that attends they will receive a poster of their choice, which they will be able to get signed on the day, and then a choice of a free pair of clippers, a free glue or selected Elf sprues - and 2 free white Dwarfs. So as you can see you get a lot of really cool stuff included with your ticket!

Dwarf Army Deal Improved!

After looking at packing and shipping out our brand new Baldr's Armoured Battalion Dwarf army deal we have decided to add in two more war machines, (based on current box-sets this will take up less space and be easier to send out to you). Now we are offering an even better deal for you, big armies have never been easier!

Here's a tiny peek at some of what's on offer:

Remember that the new Dwarf and Undead armies are limited pre-release deals so make sure you order soon! The Elf Army is now shipping too!

Mantic Journal Issue 2 - Garrek's Doom!

Our second Journal is soon to be released, here is a sneak peak of what you have to look forward to:

The underfolk march to war! The Dwarfs have breached their centuries-long isolation and have thrown open their gates to the surface world. Armies march, bringing subjugation to the lands above in the name of King Golloch!

Learn all about the culture of the Dwarfs and their methods of war. Join Garrek Heavyhand, a lord of the Free Dwarf Clans, as he attempts to atone for the sins on his ancestors. See the army painter technique demonstrated, and enjoy our first ever Kings of War Fantasy Battle scenario! All this and more awaits you within MJ02: Garrek's Doom, now 50 pages!

The second journal will be on sale from the 24th of September 2010, for £2.50 which you can pick up here.

If anyone wants to sign-up for a subscription all you have to do is go here. We currently have 2 subscription offers running at the moment, we offer issues 1-4 or 2-5. The 1-4 subscription will be taken down when the second journal goes on sale, so if you want to get your hands on Mhorgoth and the first 4 journals you need to act quickly! And those subs deals do ship worldwide - so you can always keep up to date with all the latest Mantic news.

We know how much everyone loves free miniatures, so the 2-5 issue subscription deal offers you just that! Anyone who purchases this deal will receive a limited edition Dwarf Miner with Drill:

This miniature will only be available with this subscription or with 25 Mantic points, so make sure you pick up this unique sculpt as soon as it becomes available!

Kings of War Game Update

The Kings of War rules are going through some final tweaks and amendments with Alessio as we speak, we should receive these back this Friday, and within the office we will be testing out the changes he has made. Then at the end of Game Week next week we will be releasing the beta rules via this newsletter. We here at Mantic are very excited, and are teaming up with Beast of War to create a dedicated forum for rules discussions, and direct feedback to Alessio, before they go off to final print.

To get the information allowing you to download the rules for the limited and exclusive public beta you need to be signed up to this newsletter, don't forget to forward this email to your friends!!

White Dwarf Army Winner

Our prize draw for our white Dwarf army has come to an end!

The random number has been generated using sophisticated randomising implements (a D6) and congratulations goes to Matt Holmes - your 40 Ironclads and 40 Ironwatch, each in white plastic, are on the way to you now!

For those of you who missed out, don't worry, we still have three more armies to give away, so keep watching our partners websites for more chances to win ... exclusive white Dwarfs from Mantic.

Approaching web order 1500!

We are very close to reaching the next milestone – our 1500th order. A big thank you to everyone who has supported us is definitely in order! And just as a reminder, to commemorate reaching this target we are offering a special deal. Whoever makes the 1500th order will receive credit to the value of their order, so one lucky person will get double the number of figures they were expecting!

Hobbycraft Offer!

At the moment we are running a great deal in conjunction with Hobbycraft. For a limited time only we're offering a 3 for 2 on all Mantic products that Hobbycraft stock. Also we are giving out a free copy of Issue 1 of the Journal with the purchase of any Mantic product.

What a great deal! This offer will not last forever, so make sure you pick up anything you want now.

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