Wednesday, September 29, 2010

News: GW Newsletter - Dark Eldar Incoming

Hello all, Slick here. GW's most recent newsletter features previews of several of the new Dark Eldar which will make their triumphant return after over a decade of neglect! These minis are amazing and I would equate this update with what GW did for the Wood Elves not too long ago. This is a major facelift for the Dark Eldar and I'm seriously tempted to collect a small force. It will be interesting to see what impact they will have on the current mech-heavy 40K environment. What do you guys think?

Incoming! Dark Eldar

Today at UK Games Day we announced the re-launch of the Dark Eldar and unveiled a wicked host of new Dark Eldar miniatures. Jes Goodwin, lead Dark Eldar designer, was there to answer questions about his latest creations and show off the cover art from the new Codex. As newsletter subscribers we felt that you should be the first to hear the news and catch a glimpse of Jes and his team's stunning work. Make sure you check out the 'What's New Today' section on every day next week, as we'll be showing more of the Dark Eldar, including some of Jes' concept sketches and early design work. The new Dark Eldar will be available to advance order from Tuesday 5th October. Brace yourself, gaming in the 41st Millennium is about to become a lot more frightening.

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