Saturday, November 14, 2009

Apocalypse: Napalm Barrage Asset

Hi all, time for something a little different. For the Lucky 13s campaign we had some fun events such as creating assets, story and campaign writing, and making new datasheets, aside from the games themselves of course.

Here is one of the strategic assets I created which has proven quite popular already. Comments welcome!

Napalm Barrage: Vegetation, clothes, and skin are all burned away when Imperial commanders order a napalm strike to clear out entrenched enemies.

When Revealed: In the shooting phase of one of your turns.

Effect: Place the Hellstorm Template anywhere on the battlefield and roll 2d6+ the scatter die. All models touched by the template take a S6 AP4 hit with no cover saves allowed. All removable terrain such as forests, fences etc touching the template are removed. Open-topped vehicles are automatically glanced. Once placed the template remains until the end of the game to represent the napalm continuing to burn. Any models still touching the template or coming into contact with it in subsequent turns take a S6 AP4 hit during each movement phase until they are no longer in contact with it.
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