Monday, November 9, 2009

Flames of War: Grenadier Company Update

Hey all, time for a Flames of War update. As you can see my Grenadier Company (mid war) is growing rather rapidly. You've seen the Tiger I already, so here is what else has been added. For some more armor I added a pair of StuGs and a Panzer IV H (figuring out how to add those armor skirts deserves a medal). For some static anti-tank I picked up a full platoon of 7.5cm PaK40s which necessitated picking up 3ton trucks to transport them. Those are pictured right side. On the left I just picked up a full MG platoon which contains 4 MG34s. On to the infantry, the Grenadiers! I just picked up my second platoon which allows me to now field two platoons at 3 sqauds each (30 troops). In the very front you also see the company HQ. This, along with the Tiger gets me well past the 1k points mark. I still need to pick up several pieces: I'm considering some 88s, Stukas, more Stugs, maybe some Panzer IIIs, and certainly a mortar & artillery platoon. The one Tiger tank might get lonely so I might have to get a second one sometime as well. Our group recently played our first game and it was quite a blast --- a welcome change of pace and scale from Warhammer. It was a team game with Italians and Germans vs Brits and Americans. For the most part my dice failed me throughout the game and it was essentially the Italian artillery that won us the game as it was just devastating turn after turn. My StuGs were having trouble putting Shermans out of action, due more to my lousy rolling than the effectiveness of the tanks. In the last turn however I did manage to position the StuGs for rear shots on the 2 remaining Shermans, destroying both. At this point the Allied side really only had a few remnants left. Massacre for the Axis forces!

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