Monday, November 9, 2009

Imperial Guard: Vulture WiP

Hey all, long time without an update for the Guard. Here are several wip pics of my Vulture with Punisher cannons. After FW shipped the missing tail pieces it was time to get down to work. The kit was a blast to put together although the plastic crew seem a bit too big for the cockpit (maybe that's just me). This thing looks great sitting next to the Valkyrie. I still have to test thing out on the flying stand as it would be a real shame if it dropped. While looking at some Flames of War stuff I came across a Luftwaffe color scheme I liked so I decided to adapt that for the Vulture. There is still quite a bit that needs to be done on it and lots of touching up. I did convert the heavy bolter in the chin so that it will rotate. I can't wait to unleash the heavy 40 on some poor greenskins or nids! Comments welcome! (There will be some updated pics coming soon)

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