Sunday, November 1, 2009

News: Games Workshop Newsletter #68

Hey all, another GW Newsletter. Check out that new mega paint set! The price tag is pretty hefty though. The new 'space' White Dwarf looks pretty cool, almost has a Demiurg feel to it. Would be cool if those ever got released as an army. Your thoughts?

Issue 68 The Games Workshop Newsletter 29.10.2009
In this issue: Out Now: Mega Paint Set | White Dwarf Sub-in-a-Box

Out Now: Mega Paint Set

The Mega Paint Set is the ultimate set for hobbyists. It also represents fantastic value versus buying the contents individually: the 73 paints alone cost more than the Mega Paint Set, so you’re effectively getting the 10 Citadel Paint Brushes, PVA Glue, Sand, three types of static grass, and a custom Figure Case for free! Remember, the Mega Paint Set is only available while stocks last – order now to guarantee your Mega Paint Set.

Citadel Mega Paint Set
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White Dwarf Sub-in-a-Box

Don’t miss out on this year’s White Dwarf Subscription Miniature: order a White Dwarf Sub-in-a-Box and you’ll also get 12 issues of your favourite hobby magazine delivered direct to your door and at a saving over the cover price.

White Dwarf Sub-in-a-Box
White Dwarf Sub-in-a-BoxWith a subscription to White Dwarf you will never miss an issue, each issue will be delivered directly to your door and you’ll save money over buying issues individually.

Subscriber Benefits:

  • Never miss an issue - a subscription guarantees your copy every single month.
  • Convenient - it's delivered straight to your door.
  • Early - subscription copies are sent out to arrive before the magazine hits the stores.
  • Save money - subscriptions offer a saving against buying White Dwarf every month.

If you already subscribe to White Dwarf then you can order this year’s Subscription Miniature here."

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