Sunday, November 8, 2009

News: Games Workshop Newsletter #69

Hey all, another newsletter, this one detailing the many cool new Skaven releases.

Issue 69 The Games Workshop Newsletter 06.11.2009
In this issue: Out now: Skaven | Also available: Skaven

Out now: Skaven

The Skaven reside in the darkest places of the Old World and have carved out a vast Under-empire deep below the earth, from where they plot and scheme the end of civilization. Field a seething mass of vile ratmen and swarm over the foe in a tide of tooth, claw and warpstone powered machinery – order the Skaven today.

Skaven Doomwheel Skaven Doomwheel The Doomwheel is a bizarre and powerful war machine. Support the advance of your Skaven army with this ingenious contraption that’s able to grind the foe under its giant wheel and unleash multiple bolts of Strength 10 warp lighting.

Skaven Stormvermin Skaven StormverminStormvermin are elite Skaven infantry and are for the first time available as a multi-part plastic set. Lead the charge of your Skaven army with the halberds and high Weapon Skill of these ratmen.

Skaven Clanrats Skaven ClanratsClanrats form the bulk of Skaven armies and defeat the foe through sheer weight of numbers and the fury of their attack. Assemble units of either Skaven Slaves or Clanrats with this all-new plastic set.

Warhammer Armies: Skaven Warhammer Armies: Skaven Read all about the Skaven and their nefarious plans for world domination in this 112-page army book.

Queek Headtaker Queek HeadtakerQueek is known throughout the Under-Empire for his vicious streak and violent temper. This combat character is an ideal choice to lead your Stormvermin.

Deathmaster Snikch Deathmaster SnikchDeathmaster Sniksh is the ultimate assassin. With this classic character in your army, your opponent’s Lords and Heroes will no neither rest nor respite.

Skweel Gnawtooth Skweel GnawtoothSkweel Gnawtooth is the most successful Packmaster in Hell Pit and any unit of Giant Rats or Rat Ogres he leads benefits from augmentative mutations.
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Also available: Skaven

As well as all of the great new Skaven products, there’s a whole range of existing Skaven product for you to include in your army.

Warp Lightning Cannon Warp Lightning Cannon Employ this Skaven wonder weapon and blast apart your opponent’s army with ensorcelled balls of warp energy. Vermin Lord Vermin Lord A Level 4 Wizard and with a stat line almost the equal of the Greater Daemons of Chaos, the Vermin Lord is an ideal choice to lead your Skaven army.

Lord Skrolk Lord Skrolk is one of Clan Pestilens’ baleful Plaguelords. A Level 3 Wizard, use his Rod of Corruption to cause instant death on your foes.

Rat Swarms Add an Unbreakable Rat Swarms to your Skaven army and unleash a numberless tide of vermin on the enemies of the Horned Rat.
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