Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Apocalypse: Vulture Hunter-Killer Strike Force Datasheet

Hello all, here is one of the Datasheets I created for our Lucky 13s campaign : Vulture Hunter-Killer Strike Force

Vulture Hunter-Killer Strike Force 50 Points + Models

Formation: 3-9 Vulture Gunships. Every 3 Vultures form a squadron. Every third vulture may be replaced by a Vendetta for the appropriate points cost.

One Vulture in the Strike Force must be nominated the Command Vulture.

Type: Flyer

Options: Vulture and Vendettas may have any equipment options normally allowed, however all vultures within a squadron must be equipped in the same manner.

Special Rules:

Strike Force: All Vultures must be deployed together within 12” of the squad leader. After this they may move and act normally in the following turns.

Close Air Support: A squadron may be called upon to provide close air support to frontline units, typically tasked with taking out advancing enemy units or preventing friendly positions from being overrun. Nominate an enemy unit within 12” of any friendly unit. All units in the squadron firing at this target may re-roll hits against the enemy unit. After the shooting phase the squadron will automatically disengage as they have spent all of their ammunition on the advancing enemies and must fly back to a base to rearm and resupply. This squadron must wait a turn before reentering the battle zone.

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