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News: GW X-mas Newsletter

Hi all, another GW newsletter:

The Games Workshop Newsletter 27.11.2009
In this issue: Christmas Prize Draw; Christmas Shopping

Shipping Days left to Christmas:
There are only 16 days of Free Shipping to addresses in the US or to your local US Games Workshop Hobby Centre.
And less than 13 days of Free Shipping to addresses in Canada, including Canadian Games Workshop Hobby Centres.

Out Now

New this week: some brand-new scenery sets, and a range of large sets for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 that each contain battle-ready forces.

Imperial Warzone Imperial Warzone This is the ultimate Warhammer 40,000 scenery set. Crammed with everything you’ll need to create a perilous battlefield of the 41st Millennium. Available for a limited time only, order yours today to avoid disappointment.
Fortress of Redemption Fortress of RedemptionThe Fortress of Redemption is our largest ever Warhammer 40,000 scenery piece. Ideal for use as an indomitable Fortress in games of Planetstrike, or hiding your super-heavy behind in Apocalypse, no Warhammer 40,000 scenery collection should be without this.
Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard Extension Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard ExtensionExpand your Realm of Battle Gameboard with this set of two 2’ x 2’ tiles that allows you to create a massive 8’ by 4’ battlefield and gives you even more options for your 6’ by 4’ gaming area.
Space Marine Megaforce Space Marine MegaforceThe Space Marine Megaforce contains a wide selection of Space Marine units, including: two Tactical Squads, a Scout Squad, an Assault Squad, a Dreadnought, a Predator and a Rhino. Ork Megaforce Ork MegaforceStart your very own Ork horde or expand your current army into a mighty Waaagh! with this great value set that contains 45 Ork infantry, nine Ork Warbikers and an Ork Trukk.
Empire Brigade Empire BrigadeThe Empire Brigade is an ideal way to begin a mighty army of the Empire or expand your current Empire army. Take the wrath of Sigmar to the evils of the Old World with this great value set. Orcs & Goblins Brigade Orcs & Goblins BrigadeAs every Warboss knows, you can never have enough Goblins to soak up the enemy’s arrows or Boyz to chop up his warriors with. Thankfully, the Orcs & Goblins Brigade is crammed with Greenskins for you to unleash upon your foe.
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Christmas Wish List Prize Draw - Last Chance to Enter

Only 3 days left to send us your Wish List - don't miss out on Twelve Chances to Win up to US$90/CA$110 of Games Workshop Products!

Christmas Wish List Prize Draw

For those of you who still need to create your Wish List, don't worry there's still time (just!) but don't delay - create your wish list now!

If you’ve already created a Wish List then send it to us at to be in with a chance to win. In January we'll pick 12 Wish Lists at random and send the owner a Virtual Gift Voucher worth US$90/CA$110.

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Christmas Shopping at Games Workshop

Along with our brand-new web site we have some great new services to help make shopping with us this Christmas easier than ever, including: Free Shipping, Wish Lists, Virtual Gift Vouchers and a jargon-free Online Gift Guide.

Fast, Free Shipping Fast, Free Shipping Using you can order our complete range of products and have it delivered - free of charge - to your home. Alternatively, you can have your order delivered to your local Hobby Centre, where you can pick it up at your convenience.
Christmas Gift Guide Christmas Gift GuideWe've gathered together some of our newest, hottest and most popular products to help you choose the perfect gifts for the Hobbyists in your life. Packed with a great selection of gift ideas and this year's must haves, it's your one stop guide to the fantastic products available this Christmas.
Wish Lists Wish ListsEvery Hobbyist can now create and email you their ideal Christmas wish list. These are a great way of ensuring you get them exactly what they want this year - you'll no doubt be receiving one shortly! And if they’ve forgotten to send you it, don’t worry: you can search for their Wish List using our new Wish List Search function.
Trained Hobby Centre Staff Trained Hobby Centre Staff You're never far from one of our 340 Games Workshop Hobby Centres, where our staff are used to helping out a wide range of customers from experienced Hobbyists to gift buying friends and relatives. Our Store Finder will help you find your nearest GW store and will even give you maps and directions from your current location.
Virtual Gift Vouchers Virtual Gift Vouchers If you're still not sure what to buy or need a gift in a hurry, then our Virtual Gift Vouchers are the perfect solution. These are sent instantly by email to the recipient's Inbox, with your personal message and can be redeemed on
No-Quibble Exchange Guarantee No-Quibble Exchange GuaranteeAnd, there's no need to worry about buying the wrong gift at Games Workshop. We have a no-quibble, no-questions-asked exchange policy and will happily exchange returned gifts. You can call Customer Service for support or return any product to your local Games Workshop Hobby Centre.
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