Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Apocalypse: Xeno-Virus Strategic Asset

Hello all, here is another Strategic Asset I created for our Lucky 13s campaign : Xeno-Virus

Xeno-Virus: Imperium scientists have developed a deadly virus that targets a given Xenos race such as Orks or Tyranids in order to prevent their countless numbers from quenching the light of the Imperium of Man!

When Revealed: Before the game begins, nominate one of your units. They will be equipped with special ammunition containing the virus and will be tasked with exposing the xenos to it. You must also nominate a specific xenos reace before the game. Reveal it in the shooting phase of one of your turns.

Effect: Reveal that your unit is using this asset and target any enemy xenos unit within range of your unit. In addition to the normal effects of shooting, the enemy unit must also take a toughness test for every successful hit they have taken in that shooting phase. If any toughness test is failed the unit becomes infected and will reduce it’s toughness by 1. A unit whose toughness reaches zero is immediately destroyed. The virus is also designed to spread itself among a xenos host. At the start of the enemy xenos player’s turn, all units of that xenos race within 12” must pass a single toughness test. If passed the unit is not affected by the virus that turn. If failed, the unit reduces its toughness by 1 and must then test every following turn for the same effect. Newly infected units will also have a chance to spread the virus in subsequent turns. The virus lasts for the duration of the game once revealed or until all infected units are destroyed.

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