Friday, November 20, 2009

News: Games Workshop Newsletter 20.11.2009

Hi all, another GW newsletter just released, and it's loaded with new and upcoming releases! First off, there are the Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace and Battalion sets out for Skaven. It's a real shame that the Battalion does not include any of the new Stormvermin. The rest of the issue is dominated by Space Marine bits, namely Crimson Fist shoulder pads of various types. Comments welcome!

The Games Workshop Newsletter 20.11.2009
In this issue: Skaven Screaming Bell & Battalion; Crimson Fists Space Marines; Imperial Sector


This weekend the second batch of new Skaven releases will be on sale from your local Hobby Centre. Alternatively, you can order online now.

Skaven Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace Skaven Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace This all-new plastic set allows you to make either a Screaming Bell or a baleful Plague Furnace. Both of these infernal devices augment nearby Skaven units and inflict grievous harm on the enemy. No Skaven army should be without these diabolical contraptions.
Skaven Battalion Skaven BattalionThe Skaven Battalion set provides a good selection of Core units and includes some of the fantastic new Clanrats. This great value set is an ideal way to start a Skaven army or to bolster an existing force.
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New: Crimson Fists Bitz Packs

Released today are a range of Crimson Fists Bitz Packs designed to allow you to assemble any Space Marine as a Crimson Fist. You can even use them to denote your Space Marines as Imperial Fists or one of their successor Chapters.

Crimson Fists Tactical Pack Crimson Fists Tactical Pack The Pack contains Crimson Fist branded shoulder pads, heads and backpacks for denoting your Space Marine Squads as Crimson Fists. Space Marine Tactical Squad Space Marine Tactical SquadTactical Marines form the core of any effective Space Marine force. Denote yours as Crimson Fists by adding the Shoulder Pad set.
Crimson Fists Assault Pack Crimson Fists Assault PackThe Crimson Fist Assault Pack contains shoulder pads, heads, backpacks and a power fist; ideal for mixing with any Space Marine kit. Space Marine Assault Squad Space Marine Assault Squad The Crimson Fists Assault Pack was designed to turn a Space Marine Assault Squad into a Crimson Fists Assault Squad.
Crimson Fists Command Pack Crimson Fists Command PackThis set contains a selection of ornate shoulder pads, a banner, head and power sword, ideal for denoting your Sergeants and Commanders as Crimson Fists. Space Marine Command Squad Space Marine Command Squad This set comes with a host of weapons and equipment that are ideal for personalising your other squads.
Crimson Fists Tank Pack Crimson Fists Tank PackThere are large and small Crimson Fists icons in this pack. Use them to mark your Space Marine vehicles as belonging to the Crimson Fists. Space Marine Land Raider Space Marine Land Raider The largest Space Marine tank, simply add the components from the Crimson Fists Tank Pack to make it Chapter specific.
Crimson Fists Shoulder Pads Crimson Fists Shoulder Pads This set of 10 Crimson Fists shoulder pads will allow you to turn any Space Marine miniature into a Crimson Fist. Space Marine Battleforce Space Marine Battleforce There a great mix of Space Marine units in this set, giving you plenty of options for using the Crimson Fists Bitz packs.
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Imperial Sector: Back in Stock

After a short hiatus, the popular Imperial Sector set is now back in stock and available to order from today.

Imperial Sector Imperial SectorPowerful lasers, explosive bolt rounds, searing melta blasts: the weapons of the far future can reduce even well armoured warriors to ash. Take advantage of the great value Imperial Sector set and give your troops the advantage of a cover save!
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