Friday, April 24, 2009

40K News: Planetstrike Info

While the rumors of the Planetstrike expansion go back quite a bit, solid confirmations are out now and pictures are starting to pop up. There is some Planetstrike coverage in the May 09 White Dwarf. The release date is set for July. Anyone interested in a detailed collection of the available info on Planetstrike (with pics!) should check out the appropriate Warseer thread here: (summary is in the first post)

Cities of Death, Apocalypse, now Planetstrike... it should be fun to combine all of these within the framework of a larger campaign! Can't wait to crack this book open and setup some planetary assaults, D-Day 40K style anyone? What do you guys think about this next 40K expansion? Is it needed? Will you be playing it or passing on it? Comment away!


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