Friday, April 10, 2009

Imperial Guard: Leman Russ Destroyer Assembled!

I decided to start tackling my Forgeworld tanks and figured the Leman Russ Destroyer would be fairly simple and quick to assemble. Wrong. :) This kit was a bit of pain in the @$$ to assemble due to some resin warpage and parts just not fitting correctly no matter what. After hours of work (green stuff filling etc) I managed to get it finished. I did opt to do a little conversion on the barrel to avoid having it break while being transported (and to make transporting it a snap). As you can see in the pics I put a small metal disc in the gun carriage. I then hollowed out the barrel end and placed some magnets in there. Now I just attach the barrel for play or pull it off for transport. This is a great tank variant but I'm still a bit disappointed with the parts, mainly the small section you have to attach on the lower back of the hull. Comparing it to other FW stuff it does look like it is one of their older kits as the underside of the upper hull piece looks pretty rough. Overall I'd rate the kit 3.25/5. I'll be painting all my tanks in one big batch one I get the spray gun. Stay tuned. This will be sniping a tank near you soon!

Barrel housing with the metal disc attached.


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