Monday, April 27, 2009

Rising Prices: Some food for thought

The following was taken from WD UK 351, MARCH 2009, Standard Bearer Page 85-86.....

".....This is going to seriously change the way we players put armies together if only on the basis of reduced cost compared to that of metal models." Rick Priestley.

One month later we get the news that 10 plastic Greatswords will go for £25 ($41.25)!

10 Metal Black Orcs ($45) -----------> 10 Plastic Black Orcs ($25)
10 Metal Grave Guard ($45) ---------> 10 Plastic Grave Guard ($25)
10 Metal Temple Guard ($45)--------> 10 Plastic Temple Guard ($25)
10 Metal Greatswords ($45) ---------> 10 Plastic Greatswords ($41.25)

OK math majors, who can spot the problem in this sequence? If you can, give yourself a pat on the back and have yourself a cookie.

If this is a sign of things to come, expect some major price increases in June. Will the other 'elite' infantry boxes such as the ones above also go to $41.25?

If you're contemplating adding some new units to one of your armies, do it now before the price increase goes into effect.


Golgotha - favored of Khorne said...

just looks like adam gets screwed to me....hahahahaha

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