Thursday, April 2, 2009

Forgeworld Newsletter 211

Just got this in the ol inbox:

"Hello There,

We have quite a lot of news for you this time, but first off we`d like to say thanks to everybody that came to see us at the Salute show in London on Saturday and for making it a great event for us. Today we have some sneak previews of some of the new models you can see at our Open Day, announce our new events only model for this year, and we have two new Reaver Titan weapons for you to pre-order and a change in the way you can buy your Reaver from us.

ThanksAlan Bligh

Forge World Open Day 2009Forge World will be holding it`s annual Open Day at Warhammer World in Nottingham on Sunday the 5th of April and admission is free. All of Forge World will be present including our sales and customer service team, and our designers to answer your questions and show off what we have in store for you over the next few months. This will include a pre-production copy of Imperial Armour Volume Seven, The Siege of Vraks Part 3, new Daemon Engines for Khorne and Nurgle, a new Daemon Prince and Herald, some future Ork models and more. We may even have a few of the new models for sale on the day in very limited quantities. So in order to further whet your appetite here is a sneaky preview shot of one of the new models that you`ll be able to see, and perhaps buy on the day!

We’ll also have some great participation games for Apocalypse and our always popular ‘40k’ scale Aeronautica Imperialis, and we will of course have our sales stand with lots of stock!
Our charity raffle this year will be for no less than a massive Warhammer 40,000 scale Mars Pattern Reaver Titan. Tickets will be £1 each and all proceeds will be donated to Children In Need, so one lucky customer will get to walk away with a brand new titan for the price of a ticket!

We will also be holding a painting competition; bring along your painted Forge World models, and the one we select will win a Forge World trophy for you to take home. Entries will be judged based on quality and interest, rather than size, and if you enter a converted model, it should primarily be made from Forge World parts.

You can find more information about the Open Day on our events page Here."

Some really cool news here in both the new Imperial Armor coming out but perhaps the coolest thing is that FW has finally decided to sell Reaver Titan parts indvidually as well as releasing two new weapons - meltagun and powerfist - for the Reaver. Dual melta Reaver anyone?


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