Thursday, April 2, 2009

News: Ordering Reaver Titan Parts Separately

This is also from the Forgeworld Newsletter 211. Reaver Titan parts can now be ordered separately!

"A New Way to Purchase Your Reaver TitansAlong with our two new Reaver Titan weapons we have decided to make our Mars Pattern Reaver Titan available in separate component parts, much as we do with our Dreadnought range. This will enable us to expand our range more easily in future and help out our many customers who have asked to buy different weapon options more freely.

So from now onward, we will be selling our Mars Pattern Reaver Titan in the following way"

Reaver Titan Body
Carapace Mounted Apocalypse Missile Launcher
Laser Blaster
Gatling Blaster

Really cool news here for those wanting to either buy their titan part by part (those who can't drop that kind of cash in one go) or to buy extra weapon arms instead of having to buy another whole titan.


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