Thursday, April 2, 2009

News: New Reaver Titan Weapons!

(pic from Forgeworld)

Mars Pattern Reaver Titan Power Fist & Melta CannonNew to pre-order for release the week commencing Monday the 27th of April are two fantastic new weapon arms for our Reaver Titan. The Melta Cannon and the Power Fist. Designed by Will Hayes, these are multi-part weapon arms and look suitably menacing and impressive on the model as you can see Here in an example painted by Phil Stutchinskas in the colours of the Legio Astorum from the Siege of Vraks.

Rules for the Mars Pattern Reaver Titan can be found in Imperial Armour Volume 6, the Seige of Vraks Part 2.

Some cool new weapon options for those of you with a Reaver or who might be contemplating the purchase of one. Having seen one in person now, I can definitely say they are huge and dominate the tabletop. They make Warhound Titans look small. Just imagine a 40k scale Warlord and Imperator titan... :)


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