Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blood Angels: Dreadnaught

Time for a little bit of love for my Blood Angels: my long range (shooty) Dreadnaught. I've still got some work to do on this guy but he's ready for the tabletop again, especially now that I've got finished the FW plasma cannon arm. I still need to get the other various weapon arms finished but these ones are the typical loadout I take. The twin-linked lascannon/missile launcher setup is just too good at long range support, and nothing beats dispatching the enemies of the Emperor than a well-placed salvo from one these dreads. :) One thing I liked when I first started 40K (back in the distant days of 3rd ed) were the banners that basically every sergeant, character, and dreadnaught had. With that in mind, I ordered up the Blood Angels banner poles for my dreads and got to work on creating some custom banners :)

A small sample of the dread's tools of destruction! :)


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