Monday, April 13, 2009

Tournament: War Without End! Warhammer Fantasy 7th Edition Challenge Board League

Goal: To work your way to the top of the pyramidal Challenge Board and defend your position!

Start up: Cost of the league is $3.00 which gets you an engraved Army Tag that lists your name, army, and phone number.

Length of League: The league will start on May 2nd, 2009 and run until August 29th, 2009. All league games must be played at the Game Preserve Pavilions, and can be played during open hours, any day of the week as long as other events do not coincide. Saturdays (11:00 am – 6:00 pm) will be the official scheduled time.

League Play: Player’s Army Tags will start on the bottom tier of the Challenge Board and move up the 6 tiers as they accumulate victories. Players on lower tiers may challenge those one tier above them at any time. In this case, if the challenger wins, the two Army Tags switch tiers on the Challenge Board. A tie is effectively a win for the defender. Two players cannot play back to back games against each other.

Challenges: The size of battles will increase In May, battles will be no more than 500 points. In June, battles increase to 1000 points. In July, battles are 1500 points. In August, battles are 1750 points. On the last day of the league, Saturday, August 29th (SUPER Warhammer Fantasy CHALLENGE BOARD LEAGUE FINALE!) battles will be 2000 points. The challenged player has one week to respond. If no response is given, then the challenger wins. If a battle cannot be worked out in good faith within a week of the response, the challenger wins. Keep your Saturdays open, because the majority of battles will take place on those days. (Early on, feel free to play more than one 500 point battle to make Saturdays full!)

Army Lists: Players are locked into one Armybook for the duration of the League, until they retire and start over ($3.00 for a new tag). Specific lists for each battle can be custom made from game to game based on the opponent and their army, but must conform to one standard force organization chart as indicated in each army book.

Painting: Armies are not required to be painted to participate. The league is designed to promote army building and painted armies are more attractive than unpainted. Progress toward 100% is expected, over the course of the league. On March 28th, we will vote on the best painted army of those that attend.

Prizes: We’ll pay you to play! At 9:00 pm on the last day of each month, the player with his/her Army Tag at the top will win 100 FREQ points. Any player that plays at least two games at The Game Preserve Pavilions for all three months and shows progress toward 100% completion of their army’s painted status will get 100 FREQ points. The player with the Best Painted Army will get 100 FREQ points. The overall winner at 9:00 pm on August 29th will win an additional 100 FREQ points and will be immortalized on the Hall of Heroes plaque at the Game Preserve.

This is going to be a lot of fun and will hopefully get people painting their armies (you know who you are!). There should be some good competition during all stages of the league. Best of all, I get to play in this mwuhaha, let loose the Dogs of War!!!


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