Thursday, April 2, 2009

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament @ The Game Preserve

It's that time again - Tournament Time!

Below you'll find all the information needed for the upcoming WFB tourney at the Game Preserve in Lafayette, Indiana.

The Game Preserve - Warhammer Tournament
Sunday April 19th 10am-6pm

The tournament will consist of three 2000pt games. Players must use a legal 2000pt army for Warhammer Fantasy 7th edition. NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS ALLOWED! Each game will have scenario objectives as well as table-specific objectives, both of which will allow the player to potentially earn more victory points. Players will earn points every round based on Battle Points, Sportsmanship Points, and Army Composition Points. Players will judged separately on painting with the highest rated army receiving the prize for Best Painted. The player with the highest total score from Battle, Sportsmanship, and Composition points will win the Best Overall award for the tourney. A prize will also be awarded for Second Place.

Legal Armies for 7th include the following:

- Beastmen
- Bretonnians
- Chaos Dwarfs (ravening hordes list)
- Dark Elves
- Demons of Chaos
- Dogs of War
- Dwarfs
- Empire
- High Elves
- Lizardmen
- Ogre Kingdoms
- Orcs & Goblins
- Skaven
- Tomb Kings
- Vampire Counts
- Warriors of Chaos
- Wood Elves

What you will need to bring:

- Dice
- Measuring device
- Any templates you will need
- Your army rules
- Two printed (or very clearly written) copies of your army list. One for the judge and one
for your opponent.
- A copy of the main 7th edition rules.
- The latest FAQs for 7th edition as well as for your army (available on the Games
Workshop website). Extra copies will be available at the tournament.

What we will provide for you:

- Free Entry
- Awesome tables to game on with a variety of terrain
- Great Prizes!
- A fun and friendly tournament experience!


Game 1: 10am-12:20pm
Lunch: 12:25-12:55pm
Game 2: 1-3:20pm
Game 3: 3:25-5:45pm
Awards: 5:50-6pm.


Anonymous said...

3 games - I'm shooting for 1 win, 1tie and 1 loss and hopefully above average in sports, comp and painting

RuggedJosh on April 11, 2009 at 1:09 AM said...

I'm painting as fast as I can to make the deadline. Still not 100% but getting closer.

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