Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blood Angels: Furioso Dreadnaught (Moriar)

After getting the long range dreadnaught finished up it was time to go back and revisit my Death Company Furioso dreadnaught. It's just a standard Furioso but painted in a Death Company scheme so that it can double as Moriar when needed. Questions and comments welcome!

Cease and Repent Herectics!!!

Imperial Guard: Hydra Flak Tank Assembled!

It's been a while since I've had a 40K update. Here is some progress on the Forgeworld front - the fully assembled Hyrdra Flak Tank! The guns were warped so I had to straighten them out but after that everything else was fairly easy. Can't wait to get this beast painted up. Only have to get the Basilisk and Medusa assembled and then it's a tank painting marathon! Questions and comments welcome!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dogs of War: Maneater

Starting to repaint my maneaters - just wasn't satisfied with the way they turned out the first time. First up is one of my maneaters sporting a cathayan longsword. Comes complete with parrot gnoblar on the shoulders :) You might recognize the sword arm as that of the ogre tyrant. I decided to give this guy a couple of gutplates-turned-shoulder pads to bulk him up a little bit and make him look more vicious. They are supposed to be wearing heavy armor after all. There are still a few minor touchups to do (forgot the teeth) and the skinn will get a lot more attention (which reminds me I need to pickup some bronzed as well as elf flesh). Questions and comments welcome!

Avast, prepare to be Pwn3d!

Monday, April 27, 2009

News: Planetstrike Teaser Video

Check this out for a little sneak peek at the upcoming Planetstrike Expansion!

Rising Prices: Some food for thought

The following was taken from WD UK 351, MARCH 2009, Standard Bearer Page 85-86.....

".....This is going to seriously change the way we players put armies together if only on the basis of reduced cost compared to that of metal models." Rick Priestley.

One month later we get the news that 10 plastic Greatswords will go for £25 ($41.25)!

10 Metal Black Orcs ($45) -----------> 10 Plastic Black Orcs ($25)
10 Metal Grave Guard ($45) ---------> 10 Plastic Grave Guard ($25)
10 Metal Temple Guard ($45)--------> 10 Plastic Temple Guard ($25)
10 Metal Greatswords ($45) ---------> 10 Plastic Greatswords ($41.25)

OK math majors, who can spot the problem in this sequence? If you can, give yourself a pat on the back and have yourself a cookie.

If this is a sign of things to come, expect some major price increases in June. Will the other 'elite' infantry boxes such as the ones above also go to $41.25?

If you're contemplating adding some new units to one of your armies, do it now before the price increase goes into effect.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Favorite Retailers: Zuzzy Miniatures

Time to feature another great company out there, this time Zuzzy Miniatures! I've been a fan of these guys for a while, especially their gaming mats which are featured below. Don't feel like dropping close to $300 on GW's modular table? Try one of these rubber gaming mats instead. Best of all storing them is easy - just roll it up and that's that. Although their called Zuzzy Miniatures these guys are strictly a terrain manufacturer. They don't have a huge variety but what they have is pretty good and at good prices.

Perfect place to hide a spellcaster!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fantasy News: Empire 3rd Wave

This summer Empire generals are getting a splash of new releases including the first ever plastic Steam Tank, plastic Greatswords, plastic Archers (huntsmen), and a cool looking book dealing with uniforms and fluff of the Empire. As if that's not enough, there are a few new metal captains which look great, and a magnificent new sculpt of Marius Leitdorf!

Games Workshop has just put all of these up on the advanced orders page!

Check them out individually here:

Empire Steam Tank

Empire Greatswords

Empire Archers

Marius Leitdorf

Captain with hammer and pistol

Captain with sword and shield

Uniforms & Heraldry of the Empire

There is some good and some bad with all of these new releases. The good - it's nice to have the Empire at 100% plastic now. The Uniforms and Heraldry book will also be awesome, hopefully they do something like this for all of the armies! Now for the bad - The price on 10 plastic greatswords is $41.25! W T F?! This is another in a long line of bizarre GW prices. There was that huge blunder with the pricing of the modular gaming board, then the Valkyrie price going up from $50 to $58, and now just straight up crazy prices for this greatsword set. They're not much cheaper than a box of 10 metals at this point. Vampire Counts got plastic Grave Guard (another elite infantry unit, 10 per box) for $22.50. Plastic Greatswords are almost double that for the same amount of minis and they're roughly equivalent on the battlefield (I'd probably give the edge to Graveguard being undead etc). The box does come with a bunch of extra bits (including some extra variant heads etc) but that hardly justifies such a ridiculous price! The plastic Steam Tank is going for nearly $60 as well! I was planning on building up a unit of 20 plastic Greatswords, but not for $85. I might just get the heraldy book with the prices looking like they do. With another price increase coming in June, it looks like you can go ahead and tack on another $2-3 or so for a lot of box sets. Is GW pricing itself out of what the range of what people are willing to spend on the hobby (given the state of the economy etc)? I'm going to have to say pass on the new Empire plastics. What do you guys think?

40K News: Planetstrike Info

While the rumors of the Planetstrike expansion go back quite a bit, solid confirmations are out now and pictures are starting to pop up. There is some Planetstrike coverage in the May 09 White Dwarf. The release date is set for July. Anyone interested in a detailed collection of the available info on Planetstrike (with pics!) should check out the appropriate Warseer thread here: (summary is in the first post)

Cities of Death, Apocalypse, now Planetstrike... it should be fun to combine all of these within the framework of a larger campaign! Can't wait to crack this book open and setup some planetary assaults, D-Day 40K style anyone? What do you guys think about this next 40K expansion? Is it needed? Will you be playing it or passing on it? Comment away!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tournament: Pics

Here are the pics from the recent tournament. Enjoy!

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